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Tutorial 1: Using React Tables in your project (Dutch)

In this tutorial series we will tell you more about the functionalities of React Table. This technology enables you to create dynamic data table with sorting, pagination, and filtering in your React application.

This range of tutorials is written in dutch. Each tutorial explains a different subset of functionalities of React Table, and will present a sandbox environment with the working code and an example.

  1. Create a simple React Table (dutch).
    Showing how to create a basic React Table with dummy data.
  2. Sorting a React Table (dutch).
    Will imrpve the basic table by enabling sorting.
  3. Column filters in a react table (dutch)
    Adding the first filtering functionality with basic column filters.
  4. Column filter variations: Min-max and dropdown filters (dutch).
    Extending the column filters with min-max and dropdown filters.
  5. Global filters in a React Table (dutch).
    Enabling a textfilter that will search in all columns of the React Table.

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